"Thinking outside the box"

Our Values

Modular Methods is anchored in these three fundamental values:


  • Open Modular Systems. We are committed to the success of multi-vendor open systems based on industry standards. We are a member of the PXI, AXIe, VXI and IVI consortia. We work actively to promote their adoption, their value to the industry, and to ensure the open system nature of these standards.
  • Uncompromising Integrity. We keep our clients’ information confidential and secure. You can rest assured that your information will remain protected. Put another way, companies that approach Modular Methods to find information about current or previous clients or employers need to go elsewhere.
  • Our Customers’ Success. Modular instrumentation is a disruptive change within the test and measurement industry. Old paradigms of business and technology must be refactored to be successful. Modular Methods is dedicated to helping our customers reinvent their strategies, processes and execution to be successful in this new environment. Our bottom line is yours: business success in the new world of open modular solutions.