"Thinking outside the box"

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Welcome to Modular Methods

Welcome to Modular Methods, the premier independent authority of the modular instrumentation industry. Modular Methods exists to help users, system integrators and equipment vendors achieve success as the industry transitions from traditional �box" instruments to modular instrumentation. Offering consulting services to adopters and vendors alike, Modular Methods is dedicated to making our clients successful, and promoting industry adoption of open modular systems. We also offer Modular Connections, a news portal and resource center for all things modular. 

"Thinking outside the box"

At Modular Methods, “Thinking outside the box” is more than a tagline, it’s our mission. As the industry moves from boxes to open system modular instrumentation, more than just the form factor changes. Every aspect of the business model is impacted. Modular Methods brings the processes, expertise and insight to help steer our clients on a productive and profitable path.

Modular Connections logo

Modular Connections is the industry’s news portal and resource center for all things modular. Hosted by Modular Methods, Modular Connections brings you the latest news in the industry, linking directly to world class publications and breaking news from industry leaders. Modular Connections also includes useful links to consortia, tutorials and technical resources. Our blog, Modular Matters, offers insight and commentary about the modular instrumentation industry.